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Collective and open source intelligence is gained through effective collaboration, particularly among builders, creators, and believers. Marvelous Akporowho, who founded welearnt in 2019, had one simple idea: Let’s create a community to teach technology and help others master their technical craft one step at a time, absolutely for free.

In 2020, Nwamaka Nwosu and Emmanuella Orioma, education specialists in their respective fields of study, partnered with Marvelous to drive the mission with the goal of building a platform that can operate as a global network of interns and learners at scale. The plan is to embark on what will be the future of focused micro-learning digital education targeting African communities. The platform is set to have its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Having a background in education and computer science gives us an advantage because we understand the educational and technical know-how to make the dream a reality.

Using our optimized micro-learning platform, we are addressing the issue of digital education and unemployment in Africa by providing digital, entrepreneurial, and marketing skills to up-skill and mentor digital talents.

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