Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Top Universe?

Top universe is a virtual network training program designed to help you learn and improve your skills by learning closely with peers and instructors

I'm unable to apply because it keeps telling me that the record already exists. Why is that?

That means you've already applied to the program using that specific email address

When does the training begin?

It is scheduled to hold January to March every year.

How long is the training going to last?

The training lasts for three months

Is there any basic knowledge, I should have before beginning the course?

You do not need any prior coding or design background to join the bootcamp training.

What happens if I drop out of the program?

We understand that software development & design can be daunting, particularly for beginners. We will do everything in our power to assist you throughout the program. If you decide to leave, you can still enroll the following year.

What am I going to need for the program?

You'll need a working laptop with a minimum of 2gb ram, a reliable internet connection & a willingness to learn & work with others.

Can I enroll even if I am not a Nigerian citizen?

You certainly can. The training is conducted remotely, and participants are welcome from anywhere in the world.